My Journey

I've long accepted that my yearning to create is outside of my control. If I'm not taking pictures, editing pictures, planning shoots or watching educational videos, I'm helping aspiring photographers, supporting amateur models, or donating photographic services to charitable causes. Even my dog has his own Instagram account (@alfiegsd).

I am based in Austin, Texas but grew-up in London. My photography career started with people, from individual and family portraits, engagements, and model portfolios. From there, I naturally transitioned into weddings and events, shooting in beautiful locations such as Cyprus, Italy and Austria. At weekends, I would shoot landscapes for fun, until friends kept offering to buy my work. As this combined my love of travel with my love of photography, this quickly became a part of my photographic repertoire. Now that I live in the US, I use it as an excuse to travel year-round, capturing the beauty of this great country and making as many friends as possible along the way.

Combining passions also led me into commercial photography, with a focus on fashion. I'm fascinated with the evolution of brand & marketing in this industry, where consumers have influenced how they are sold to by positively reacting to influencers and peer groups that reflect who they are. As someone with a background in corporate brand concepting, I'm excited by the opportunity this offers to tell brand stories, and find new ways to connect brands with consumers.